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Produce musical pieces from scratch, bringing them to completion within given timeframes using Apple Logic Pro, Avid Pro Tools and other music production software, including third-party plug-ins by Universal Audio, Waves, Native Instruments, Spectrasonics, VSL, Lexicon, and Eventide. Record and mix musical pieces, covering all aspects of music production, including microphone selection and placement, assembling and editing recorded material into different channels, and summing the different audio channels into a final mix. Play various guitars (acoustic nylon and steel, and electric, including baritone, 9 string and bass.) Use keyboard and piano to handle harmony and input notes into computer software. Arrange music and ideas, breaking them down to individual parts and assigning those parts no individual instruments. Write music for other musicians to play in the musical pieces. Write lyrics as necessary.

5 years experience as Music Producer, Songwriter, Composer, or Musician including experience working with orchestras, and experience composing or producing music for TV and film, as well as experience in music production for major acts.

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